Sophisticated and Warm Aesthetic Mid Century Modern Atlanta


The mid century modern atlanta house that we show you today has undergone an important remodeling process that has turned it into a modern home that brings a sophisticated and warm aesthetic to its owners. The first request from their owners, was that the house had a direct connection with the natural environment . To achieve this, they threw walls of the exterior facade to turn them into large doors by which to communicate with the garden.

At the same time, inside, some walls were also remove. So that the kitchen connect directly to the dining room and the living room. The new design of the kitchen mid century modern atlanta include a large central island where you could cook without space problems. In addition to placing a row of skylights so that more natural light would enter. And the kitchen would seem larger .

The reform was not only focus on the interior of the mid century modern atlanta. But also a deep reform was carried out on the outside to give it a greater modernism. But with a very clear premise. Its not to compromise the existing trees in that area. Next to the main door, a small outdoor living room was design to enjoy the fresh air of the area.

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