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With the popularity of mid century modern house plans, the conical paw has had an incredible resurgence in furniture and modern interior design. It is almost impossible to enter a furniture store and not see at least one piece with sharp legs. Wondering where this vintage style came from and how it made its way back to modern interiors? Even if you are not obsess with the mid-modern century. It is likely that the conical leg has touch your style in some way. And will continue to permeate your interiors.

Although associated with mid century modern house plans and furniture. The conical leg is not the invention of the design genius of the 20th century. Narrowing, or a gradual thinning of the thickness that the legs are closer to the ground. It has been a practice of Furniture manufacturers since ancient times.

This style of leg took some style in the mid-century and has become a defining feature of mid-century modern furniture. Basically interior in mid century modern house plans is simplicity with clear and clear lines. The light in this style becomes important factor to highlight these details. The lighting element in this style is just as important as the symbolic furniture details.

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