Modern Cottage Plans in Spectacular Views


The beautiful landscape around the modern cottage plans house was the source of inspiration when designing this beautiful residence, which has as main stage the sea under the cliff, providing spectacular views to its residents.  Apparent wood, glass and other materials used, join together with the shimmering water and the blue horizon, which flood all our senses … At night, the house gives us a beautiful view from the outside, lighting up in its entirety. In the dark night, we can see all the different shapes and angles of this fascinating building.

Given the sunny nature of the area, it was necessary to have a solution to the climatic conditions to make the modern cottage plans habitable in the hot summer months. One of these features was the installation of a garden on the roof. The plants keep the entire building cool, naturally, by absorbing the solar radiation that falls on it.

The internal configuration is different from what we have seen on the outside, formed with the materials used. Pavements and blocks of polished concrete on the walls provide internal spaces with a different aesthetic. Although it may seem an unusual and cold material to design modern cottage plans, the sensation that is experienced is totally warm. The beautiful woodwork helps to break the coldness of the concrete, providing a cozy atmosphere throughout the residence.

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