Luxury Modern House Floor Plans with Little Money


We will see designs of luxury modern house floor plans, the line and style that distinguish them. The appropriate building materials as well as photos of facades to have design ideas. In the design of a luxury house has as a fundamental prerequisite highlight. Both its structure and the interior and exterior finishes. This type of houses does not follow a line of specific design there are modern and elegant as well as classic and rustic. What matters in any luxury home design is the exclusivity both inside and on the facade.

The facade must then stand out for a unique style and “clean”. Without unnecessary ornaments but imposing on the rest of designs. Most of the luxury modern house floor plans exceed 200 square meters. But there are also smaller ones. Even small lots can become the best house in the neighborhood if you follow the parameters of exclusivity for this type of housing.

A good outdoor garden with a pool in the center are an unmistakable sign of a mansion house with a large area. But now we find luxury modern house floor plans where this concept has been renew. For example, houses with pools but in small gardens. An architectural technique to design a luxury facade on small terrains is to increase the height of the roof. And that it has an inclined top to two or more waters.

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