Keys to Build Modern Eco Friendly House Plans


Currently, promoting the quality of life of people, animals and the environment in general is everyone’s business, and like education, ecological awareness starts at home. Simply change certain consumer habits and ways to use resources. The best thing about adopting these practices is that the technology applied in architecture, design and construction materials; It is available to create modern eco friendly house plans, which from their conception are one hundred percent responsible with the care of the environment.

A truly modern eco friendly house plans structure, includes in its construction materials produced entirely in a sustainable manner, in order to reduce environmental, social and economic costs. Wood is renewable and sustainable, as long as it comes from sustainable sources that do not support deforestation. Stone are different types of stones, one for each purpose, foundations, walls, floors, finishes, etc., requires little maintenance, is durable and also helps maintain freshness in the environment.

The philosophy of landscaping is the design and conservation of gardens, however, in ecological issues goes further. To illustrate, include an interior garden apart from being decorative, fulfills tasks beneficial to the environment and health. The plants inside a modern eco friendly house plans, improve the quality of the air, absorb chemical pollutants, decrease the levels of humidity and reduce the noise.

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