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When a Spaniard is told about a modern bungalow house plans, the first thing that comes to mind is a camping hut. However, both in Canada and the United States, it is called the typical one-story houses that are often seen in residential areas of large cities. And it is that, in fact, the term at present refers only to a house of wooden structure of a single floor. It does not have to be a cabin, it does not have to be made of logs, and it only has to lack a second height.

The name, which might seem an Anglicism, actually comes from Hindi, from the word bangala . Its exact meaning is “in the style of Bengal”. It refers therefore to the traditional style residential houses that are built with wooden structure. That is to say, that what most fits the original term is the definition given to modern bungalow house plans in North America.

For Europe we are so misguided that, today, in Spain, even some two-storey houses are called only because they have a square floor. The digital representation and scale of this modern bungalow house plans makes us perfectly clear the style, size of the rooms and their distribution, being able to be understood by anyone without having to be an architect or specialist in the area.Best small open floor plans,

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