Dogtrot House Plans Modern: Still Popular Today


Dogtrot house plans modern is a house design find in many areas around the rural southern part of the United States. The concept of a dogtrot house includes an open surface in the middle of the structure. The open area extends from the front to the back of the house. Allowing the air to circulate through the room unrestrained. Then, the imaginative name for this wide middle passage comes from the fact that a household pet could easily use the space to traverse from the front to the back of the house with ease.

There are several benefits associate with dogtrot house plans modern. One has to do with ventilation. In the humid south, having an open passage mean that the breeze could circulate through the structure with greater ease. From a practical point of view, having space allocate for cooking is remove from sitting. And then, bedroom meant the areas would remain cooler even in the heat of the summer months.

Because the center dogtrot was cover, the wide middle of the hallway was also the ideal place to sit in the evenings when the heat of the day had pass. Dogtrot house plans modern are still popular for weekend cabins. While dogtrot house plans today may. Or may not break down the two large rooms in smaller areas. The wide middle passage is still present in the design.

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