The Coziest Modern Cabin Floor Plans


When designing modern cabin floor plans, designers especially depend on natural materials. We use a lot of wood and stone without neglecting the most diverse effects of aging – niches, visible beams, laundering and patina of the tree. The wood floor and ceiling cladding are typical of the mountain house. They are often combined with walls covered in stone or paint mimic raw plaster.

The fireplace is another important architectural element of the modern cabin floor plans style house. It is good when it is built in a central location, visible from all corners of the living room. The colors of the house in modern cabin style are not screaming. They are rather pastel within the natural range – brown, orange, green. Preferably the solid colors should include textiles dyed with natural dyes – red or brown rugs, carpets, tapestries on the walls, etc.

The furniture in the modern cabin floor plans is few, carefully selected and all wood. It is possible to see models with woodcarving and posts even more popular. More often and more, in these interiors, we find furniture suitcases or branches, as if it were the hand of nature that created them. The principle is it – is more natural, more the alpine style home is beautiful and comfortable.

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